Provide Real-time Protection for Mac

With new protect module, MacBooster 4 will ensure you a full protection from latest virus,malware & ransomware in real-time before they harm your Mac. It helps you remove them instantly to make your Mac safe. Learn more >

Clean and Protect Your Privacy

The Internet is something of a security minefield which is easy to get in trouble. The enhanced protection will clear the malicious tracking data to better protect your privacy and password for all kinds of accounts, leaving no rooms for all threats. Learn more >

Manage the Extensions thoroughly

You can easily remove or disable the unnecessary extensions to improve your Mac's performance. With less unnecessary extensions, you can enjoy a better exploring performance and faster webpage loading speed. Learn more >

Clean up Gigabytes of Junk

MacBooster 4 scans every corner of your Mac and safely removes unnecessary files including extra application binaries, old logs, outdated cache files, and more to maximize your hard disk space. This is particularly helpful for Mac users with smaller SSD hard disks. Learn more >

Remove Malware and Virus

With greatly expanded virus and malware database, MacBooster 4 is the best anti-malware to keep your Mac away from virus, phishing attacks, spyware, malware, and all kinds of online threats while feeling safe about your personal data. Learn more >

Enjoy Faster Mac

Mac gets sluggish after using for a while. To speed up, MacBooster 4 cleans caches, releases occupied RAM, and fixes disk permission, so you can enjoy a smooth running Mac while you work or play game.
Learn more >

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Startup Optimization

Manage your startup items to increase OS X boot speed

Performance Boost

Optimize your Mac and offer the fast speed

Large Files Cleaner

Find and remove large files for more space


Remove unwanted apps with just one click

File Eraser

Thoroughly remove unwanted files

Photo Sweeper

Delete similar and hidden copies of photos

Duplicates Finder

Locate and smartly delete duplicates on Mac

User Review

Michael Kern

Michael Kern

Got this product for my older mac to help speed it up. This product found errors and fixed them quickly and gave me the option to free up memory which greatly helped my aging mac function better.

Aaron Takizad

Aaron Takizad

I've used MacBooster 2 on Mac OS X for several years and strongly recommend it. It's my all-in-one maintenance tool, keeping my machines constantly running like new.

Lisa Lockworth

Lisa Lockworth

I'm an app junkie, and...I LOVE MacBooster! It actually makes cleaning up your mac FUN. It's EASY to use, It's super-FAST, & has a BEAUTIFUL interface.

Joseph Erdos

Joseph Erdos

Great app. Excellent features. Keeps my mac up to speed and running beautifully always! Would definitely recommend

Mogens Bandholm

Mogens Bandholm

I'm an app junkie, and...I LOVE MacBooster! It actually makes cleaning up your mac FUN. It's EASY to use, It's super-FAST, & has a BEAUTIFUL interface.

William Cody Winter

William Cody Winter

Finally Advanced SystemCare is here on OS X as MacBooster, so we can keep our systems optimised and clean.